OPI I Eat Maine-ly Lobster

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Here is the second polish from my swap with the great Queen Fingers.

OPI I Eat Maine-ly Lobster

sun-ish (is that SHIMMAH I see? CLICK IT!)

sun (click to see the shimmah!)

sun (more shimmahhh!)





2 coats. This shade is gawww-juss. It looked super pink in the bottle when I got it, then outside it looked reddish pink, kind of a melon color, and then sometimes it was coral, even verging on orangey! Sooo pretty.  The shimmer is beauteous in the bottle, delicate and golden, scattered all over as if a fabulous shimmer fairy blessed it with gorgeousness. The shimmer is only *really* visible in the sunlight, and it's invisible inside, but it sometimes comes out subtly under room lamps and in other various lighting situations.

It's beautiful even without the shimmer, though. Such a great color. The formula was amazing, too. I have nothing bad to say about this whatsoever! It's fantastic. 

Maybe I shouldn't tell Roadhouse Blues how I feel about my newfound Lobster love... I wouldn't want to hurt its feelings. 


  1. I love it! It is bright and shiny and I went to Maine this summer!!! :)
    And tried lobster there! (:

  2. This polish is actually really gorgeous! I didn't like any of the ones from this collection but your pics are gorgeous.

  3. Definitely need this. It seems like a color I already have in my collection, but I can't put my finger on it. It's gorgeous & looks great on you! :)

  4. Is this not very similar to that Essie/OPI dupe you had a while ago?

  5. This color looks awesome ..... it kind of reminds me of Cajun Shrimp ... the shhhimmaaaahhh is amazing btw. Weird how you can't tell it has it by looking at the bottle and the inside pics

  6. I got to say that this co,or is NOT making me happy- but then again I don't do pink! Glad you are happy with it!

  7. @Meg: Yaaay. Good, no?

    @Kristy: It really is very pretty.

    @Emily: Thank you! I didn't think I liked any of them either but this one grew on me!

    @Olivia: It's a lot more unique than I thought it would be!

    @Anna: No, not really.

    @Polish Amor: It looks kiiinda like Cajun Shrimp but it changes a lot with the light.

    @Silence is Loud: Thanks!

    @Fingers: I'm VERY happy!

  8. I still want this polish! I don't own any O.P.I polish yet, but this one is on my wishlist!

  9. Ohhh, pretty! I love the shimmer! I like bold corals like this :D

  10. I like this one and it's fun to see some bright shades continue on into fall - esp since fall where I live is still summer and some of our best weather until first part of Nov really.

  11. @KarenD: It is very pretty!

    @LimitedAddictionNails: It's a great one! Really special in my opinion.

    @Larie: Coral is my second-favorite nail color after teal!

    @beachgal: Tell me about it! it's been over 100 degrees for quite a while down here.

    @Sandra: Me too!

  12. Gorgeous color ! I love these melon/coral shades for the summer. It is stunning on you!

  13. I love this one and am waiting for mine to arrive in the mail along with a few others in this fall OPI collection. Nice to see some corals. Oranges were so big this summer. Corals have been sleepy in many lines for a # of years as have mauves. They kind of got a bad rap as those 'safe mom' shades. I think we are going to see some turn around now back to featuring some shades we have not seen for awhile...less taupe/grays & more brights in the fall/winter again scattered in with new trends of course. But what is old is always new again eventually.


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