Untrieds Month: Etude House

7:45 PM Laura 9 Comments

So I figured you guys would love to see the stuff I got from happyberrynaiad's giveaway! So let's kick off the series with this ridiculously long-named polish kit: Etude House Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit in Sunshine Bronze.

From L to R: Beige Nail Color, Sparkling Bronze Pearl Coat, Bling Bling Bronze Pearl Coat

Tee hee, they said bling bling!

First, I applied the Beige Nail Color.  It's very sheer but it kind of smooths over your nails and makes them nice and shiny and pretty.

Then I used the Sparkling Bronze Pearl Coat roughly 2/3rds of the way down my nail. I got it a little too thick on my index finger but I did thinner coats on the rest of my nails. Its name pretty much says it all, it's sparkling and bronze. It also has some sort of holo-y glitter.

And then I used the Bling Bling Bronze Pearl Coat on the top 1/3rd of my nail. It's got bigger bronze glitter particles and is fairly sheer, but makes the tips slightly darker. All in all it works pretty well to make a gradient effect.

I redid my index finger since it didn't fade as nicely as I wanted to, and voila!


medium light

the sun was being turdy



this is the most sun I could get. If you click on this you might be able to see the holo glitter saying "Haaaay!"


I really liked this! It was really flattering and subtle but also super pretty. It was also surprisingly easy to remove considering all the glitter! The formula on all of the polishes was really nice, not thick at all like some glitters.

Also... I just really like the name Bling Bling Bronze Pearl Coat.


  1. This is gorgeous! I had a manicure done once in Korea (acrylics!) that was super pretty - peachy and glittery and gradienty, and this totally reminds me of that :D

  2. Beautiful! you really did a good job with the blending.

  3. Ops... well maybe if u had let me look at it longer i would have been able to tell that it was like fading out, its actually kinda cool! :)

  4. Look cool. Like the final product

  5. This is really a great idea to use all three colors-maybe the lazy man's way out to get through your untrieds??? HAHA-just teasing! This really is great! I have yet to try something like this EVAH!

  6. Loving the Sparkling Bronze color! The combo is really pretty :)

  7. @Larie: I really want to go to Korea and find some Nfu-Oh! That would be the best day ever.

    @Meg: I SAID that but did you listen...?

    @Fingers: Hey! You're supposed to do that! That's the whole point! It's really cool though, I love gradients. You should try one!

    @Vintage: It's really pretty! I bet it would look awesome layered over stuff.

  8. So awesome! Love the finished look!


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