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More tags guys! Isn't this so much fun? Ugh I have not written a buttload of posts like I hoped I would, I've had this cold all weekend and it is just making me ornery. So instead of a nail post I will bring you more tags because recently I was tagged by A Polished Touch for the Butterfly Award and Lovely Blog award. No I'm not going to put the pictures on here because does anyone really care? Sorry, I told you this cold was making me ornery.

So first up, we have the Lovely Blog Award which beseeches me to inundate you with yet more useless facts about myself. Well you ask, and I deliver!

1. At this very moment, due to the cold, I sound like Marcel the Shell. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch it now because it's literally the cutest thing ever.

2. I just made these earlier today except with the addition of butterscoth chips. Yeah, they're freakin' delicious.

3. I don't believe in horoscopes but I love reading about zodiac signs.

4. I have a lot of jewelry but I rarely wear it.

5. I have a little freckle right above my lip that I forget about because I swear it disappears sometimes and then I see it and I think it's dirt. It's kind of annoying.

6. I named my laptop Veronica.

7. So I just had myself a mini Ryan Gosling marathon. I watched Drive and Ides of March. Drive was... well let's just say that if you cut out every scene where someone was spurting blood then you'd have a really short movie. I probably have about an average tolerance for gore, and this was definitely too much. I appreciate some tasteful blood splatters and severed horse heads as much as the next girl, but you have to leave some things to the imagination. I love you, Ryan, but I really don't want to watch you smash some guy's skull in like it's an eggshell (yeah, it's gross). Ides of March was better, not my favorite movie and I probably wouldn't watch it again, but it was blood-free so I was pretty pleased with that.

Aaand now the Butterfly Award, which luckily has questions so I don't have to rack my brain for more nonsense! (I've probably answered these questions a million times before so I'll try to think of some new answers)

What's your favorite song?
Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.

What's your favorite dessert?
Kentucky Derby Pie. You're welcome.

Who's your favorite pet?
I can't pick!

Black or white?

What's your biggest fear?
Zombies. People think I'm joking when I say that, but I am dead serious.

What's your best feature?
Ummm well. Physically I really like my eyes (they're a dusty blue) and personality-wise... I am very ambitious.

What's your everyday attitude?
Well if you ask people who are around me every day they'll probably tell you I'm pretty negative. I don't feel that I'm very negative, but I think I tend to express my pessimistic thoughts more than my optomistic ones. So I'm trying to work on that.

What is perfection?
Not having a stupid cold...

What is your guilty pleasure?
Hmm... wow I am completely blank right now. I guess I don't really have a guilty conscience or something!

All right then! Thank you to A Polished Touch for tagging me. :) Now you all know even MORE about me. So tell me something about you!


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