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Today's post is courtesy of the wonderful Nailderella. She features so many wonderful polishes and has such beautiful nails! I love seeing her posts every day.

Laura contacted me at the begining of February to ask me if I wanted to do a guest post on her blog! How sweet is that! I felt so happy and honored she asked me! I had no other choice but to say yes!
Thank you very much, Laura!
I decided to use one of my Nfu Oh flakies to celebrate it! I picked Nfu Oh 54 wich is a transparent blue base polish packed with gorgeous green and blue shifting flakies. It looks so mermaid-like! I used 1 coat of Nfu Oh 54 over A-England Order of the Garter. To see my review of the Order of the Garter, click here.

Thank you Laura! I hope you'll be less busy soon!
Nailderella - sending a lots of love!"
Purchase info:
A-England polishes can be purchased from A-England website. It is interesting to note that shipping is free worldwide. You can visit A-England on Facebook. A-England polishes can also be puchased from Llarowe. This is the US stockist for Glitter Gal, Ozotic, A England, Hits, Lynnderella and Ludurana polishes. They sell internationally (except Italy). You can visit Llarowe on Facebook.

Nfu Oh polishes can be purchased from Fabulous Street (US stockist), Chez Delaney (French stockist), C que pour nous (French stockist), Framenails (French stockist).

Thank you very much, Nailderella! I am so jealous, what a gorgeous combination of two amazing polishes! If I was a mermaid, my tail would definitely look like that. I want Order of the Garter so badly, it's awesome!



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