I Return!

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Phew! It's been what, like a million years since I last posted? But I have a wonderful mani to show you in order to try to make up for being flakier than a freshy-baked croissant.

We will start with Savina Purple Reign.

2 coats. Purple Reign is a deep red-based purple lacquer with a heavy dosing of blue shimmer. It's really pretty, and it provides the perfect background for awesomeness.

The formula was very nice, it's the first Savina I've ever tried, I'd seen the brand a few times before but never in person. It was a good first impression!

Then, because I couldn't leave it at that, I did a reverse gradient with Essie Shine of the Times.

It was surprisingly easy to do. I just blobbed some down near my cuticle and then wiped most of the polish off the brush, then used it to drag the flakies up my nail. With a nice layer of topcoat, it's shiny and smooth! I love it, it's so pretty.

Anyway, I have quite recently passed the 300 follower mark so I think a contest/giveaway is in order! I'll go out looking for some prizes that are worthy of you guys' awesomeness, and hopefully get something together soon. Would you guys rather do a contest or a giveaway? I personally think contests are more fun but I know giveaways have their benefits too because they're not dependent on followers. Let me know which you'd prefer! And thank you guys so much for being freakishly awesome.


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