Finger Paints Dahlia My Number + Gradient

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So today I will begin with Finger Paints Dahlia My Number.

This is 2 coats. Dahlia My Number is a beautiful sunset orange with gold shimmer. I did swatch this one a long time ago, but that was back ye olde days of my blog, otherwise known as the dark ages. So the pics are pretty pathetic and these are much nicer.

The formula is awesome. Very easy to control, and it's in that perfect place right on the line between just too runny and just too thick.

Anyway, then I sponged on a gradient with my gold NFL Saints nail polish., and then I splopped a little bit of Hits Lambada on the tips too.

It's very pretty! The gold is so sparkly and fantastic. The flakies kind of got lost, though.

Anyway, I am taking a mental health day today which means I will hopefully be writing a ton of posts and getting them all scheduled so that I'll have stuff to show you. I am definitely in a nail funk and I am trying to get myself to do more nail art since I have been extreeemely lazy as well as pressed for time lately. And I actually intend to make the celery-unicorn scale, not kidding. It's going to be super awesome. The swag level will be THRU DA ROOF Y'ALL so that's awesome.

I feel like I am being such a bad blogger guys... I just want you to loveee meee and I'm being so neglectful and horrible! And I'm not even funny anymore... everything I think of to say sounds so cheesy and stupid. JUST TELL I'M BEAUTIFUL AND LIFE WILL BE PRETTY AGAIN OKAY GUYS.

In other news... I should put this in a Thursday Post or something but I feel like it needs to be shared now. Now, I know I'm not the only one out there so you guys better fess up too. I have some hipster-like tendencies. Here is the best guide for becoming a hipster ever. It's just so beautiful... I really wish I could draw pictures like that.

OH MY GOD BEST IDEA EVER. I'll DRAW the celery-unicorn scale. I was going to use Paint or something to make it but I kind of suck at Paint and it would probably be more fun to expose my pathetic drawing skillz to all of you so you can point and laugh.

All right this post is rapidly degenerating... so I'm outie y'all, PEACE.


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