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Today's guest post is from a wonderful lady who I am glad to call my blogging friend! She was even awesome enough to send me some really great polishes when I couldn't find them myself (thank-you post hopefully forthcoming, I also have another lovely lady who is doing a guest post on Friday to thank!)

Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox and hand the mic over to A Polished Touch.

"To start I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Laura for having me on her blog today. This is my first guest post and I'm so happy that it's for Laura! *insert a multitude of compliments and lovin's here* ;)
I asked if it would be all right if I continued my Blue Monday mani's here and she quickly agreed (being a blue polish lover herself), so for those who wear blue on Monday and for those who carry a special love for blue in their hearts, this is for you.

Polishes used:
Base - OPI What's With The Cattitude (3 coats)
Silver - Wet'n'Wild Silvivor (sponged 2 coats)
Glitter - Revlon Sparkle (1 coat layered over Silvivor)

I took a foundation sponge and cut up little pieces, used my tweezers to hold it and then sponged the silver onto the tip of the nail, aiming for a more opaque look at the very tip and lessening the amount of silver as I went down the nail. I took Revlon Sparkle and lightly applied it on top of Silvivor and brought it down just passed where it ended to elongate the gradient effect.

I don't usually do too many mani's that have any sort of detailing on them but lately I have been practising and thought this would be a fun one to share. This "sponged"/gradient style mani is very easy to do and makes it look like you've got a creative flair. (Even when you might not, ha.)

Thanks for having me Laura and Laura's followers - I loved being here and sharing my mani with you.

Have a great Monday!"
Yay, blue! I tried the Blue Monday thing a grand total of once and then promptly forgot all about it because I am terrible at remembering to do things. But if you pop on over and FOLLOW A POLISHED TOUCH, then you will be treated to not only Blue Mondays but also the widespread Pink Wednesdays. She has a lovely blog and I thank her for this wonderful post!


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