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Today's guest blogger is another wonderful lady whose blog I thoroughly enjoy. She's not a nail blogger but a beauty blogger, but I think you guys will appreciate what she has to share with us! Without further adieu, here is a post courtesy of Vintage Makeup.

Hello! I'm "Vintage," from Vintage Makeup

For my guest post I decided to do an EOTD using blue eye shadow because I'm pretty sure Laura has a blue nail polish obsession so the next best thing had to be eye shadow, right?

Products used

Urban Decay Skull Shadow Box (shades used are Shattered with Midnight Cowboy Rides Again on top.)

Beauty Rush Mascara in Blacktastic

Wet n Wild Shimmer Eye Pencil in Blue


Thank you Laura for letting me write a guest post!

Very pretty! While I do not use eyeshadow on my eyes I do like using it for frankening, and this one looks like it would make a really beautiful polish! It reminds me of something the White Witch in Narnia would wear. Vintage certainly has me pegged, I do love blue!

I hope you guys enjoyed this guest post; it's nice to have a change of pace once in a while. :) (Hey, look at that semicolon. Yeah, that's right. I used a semicolon. BAMF.)

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