Deborah Lippmann Don't Tell Mama + glittahhh

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Good evening, dears! I hope you are all doing absolutely wonderfully today. This morning started off a littly rocky (it's a Monday, what do you expect?) but I'm feeling lovely now.

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Notice any nails? I didn't get a close look at anyone's hands but I loved Jessica Chastain's dress! Emma Stone's was a close second.

Anywho, today I will be sharing with you a lovely mani that begins with Deborah Lippmann Don't Tell Mama.

magical bottle shimmahhhh


2 coats. Don't Tell Mama iiiis dark. I can't really tell what the base color is. Maybe a super dark indigo? And it's got a blue-purple-teal shimmer that's very pretty but a tad bit shy.

The formula was pretty nice, although I was kind of hoping that something as expensive as a Lippmann would not only apply itself but then give me a foot massage, so I was a wee bit disappointed.

Then, because that was lacking a certain "oomph," I layered Butter London Tart With a Heart on top.

That's more like it! Tart With a Heart is a pretty sheer glitter full of lots of tiny glitter specks and some larger hex glitter. They all flash iridescent blue, green, yellow, and sometimes pinkish. It's very pretty and produces a rather galaxy-like effect. It's also got some teeny tiny specks of black glitter, but they were invisible over the dark base.

This is one of those super gorgeous mesmerizing manis that you have trouble looking away from. It's really beautiful! Kind of like when you have a really great hair day and you spend all your time looking in any reflective surface you can find because you just look so goshdarn GOOD. I mean, what... I don't do that... *cough*


  1. Looks frkn awesome... Love both polishes

  2. The combo is awesome and a half! So beautiful you make me want tart with a heart now! your so funny of course you don't do that, me either lol.


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