Another jelly sammich!

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I am really ashamed at how old this is... and it's not even the oldest post in my drafts folder... these pics were uploaded on Jan. 7 but they were probably at least a week or two older than that. Yikes. Well, better late than never!

First up we have Wet n Wild Night Prowl.

Night Prowl is a dark brownish black jelly base with tiny fuchsia glitter. I believe this is two coats.

Then I slapped on a layer of Color Club Very Merry Berry followed by a coat of OPI Houston We Have a Purple.

Oh my gosh it's just so shiny IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL. Wow, I really like this! I love the large pink hex glitter, it's so shiny and sequin-like. The smaller blue color is really pretty, too.

All right guys I'm listening to Imagine right now and I kind of want to give all the Beatles a humongous hug because I JUST LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH GUYS LIKE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND... Ugh I just wish I could meet them all. That would literally make my life.

Oh hey, I should probably start working on that franken for you guys to name! Hopefully it'll be super awesome... I am quite confident in my frankening abilities, heh.

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