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Today's guest blogger is a wonderful lady by the name of Samantha who works over at Gnomes and Nail Polish. She's relatively green to the blogging world, but I think she shows a lot of promise and she is wildly entertaining! Without further ado, I will turn the reins over to Samantha.

"When Laura asked me to be a guest blogger for her I was elated. I felt like someone had baked an entire pecan pie just for me and handed me a fork. Laura’s blog was one of the first I really started stalking, I mean following. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to emerge from the shadows and join the whole blogger universe, and Laura was one of the first to welcome me. I have been officially yapping about my own nail polish shenanigans on the internet for a few months now, and I am really loving everything about it. I especially get excited when I see a new dot on my little visitor map. My husband will be in the living room watching whatever the hell he watches and I will just bust in there like the Kool-Aid Man and start screeching about how, “OMG, BABY!!!! I got a visitor from Africa today!!!!!” (runs around in circles in front of the TV giggling like a lunatic).

Well, I figured for my first guest blogger appearance I needed to do something special. I remember emailing Laura to ask her if she thought my blog looked legit or not, and she had mentioned she loved this post. I got this particular Missha polish because I figured they were dupes, so I knew this would be perfect for my guest post.

Missha HGR01 is a stunning green/turquoise metallic duochrome with a delightful rose scent. It is a Korean polish I ordered on eBay for a pretty reasonable price.

Artificial Light, I love this pic.

Here you can see the turquoise duochrome goodness.

Lookin' magnificent in the sun. See all that shimmer? *Drools*

And Another...

Alright, so that concludes my first guest post. I'm exhilarated! I feel like I could run around the block or something!! BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Who am I kidding?...I will probably just make a bacon sandwich.

But before that I just wanted to close things off by saying a big "THANK YOU!" to Laura for having me. You're welcome to guest post on my blog any time the feeling strikes you. :)"

Thank you very much for that wonderful post, Samantha! This is so pretty, I love blue/green duochromes and the sparkle is insane in the sun.

I'm really enjoying this guest post thing, I hope you guys are too! You can FOLLOW SAMANTHA HERE!


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