September Haulage

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So, I know you're all just *dying* to see everything I got over September, and I have been waiting FOREVER to use this stuff! So here we go!

Butter London: Lady Muck, Big Smoke, Rosie Lee, and No More Waity Katie (these are all courtesy of my wonderful, doting mother, who took advantage of the B1G1 Butter London sale that I completely missed - I love you mother!)

Ze close ups (click on all of these for maximum fabulosity)

Lady Muck

Big Smoke

Rosie Lee

No More Waity Katie

Zoya: Minka, Yara, and Neeka




Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears: Set the Stage (this one was expressly for frankening, except now I can't find the franken I wanted to add it to! Grrr!), The Real Teal, Caribbean Coral, and Going Green. No close ups on these since they're not too exciting, but they do all have slight shimmer.

Now some miscellaneous stuff not organized by brand!

China Glaze Skyscraper

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Orly Stone Cold

My giveaway win! Squeee! (thank you A MILLION TIMES to happyberrynaiad!)

Etude House Cocktail Syrup Nails Kit in Sunshine Bronze

Make Up Store Linnea (OMG *drool*)

Holika Holika Star Khaki (it's waaay more complex and gorgeous in real life!)

Elianto Racing Green (once again, much more scrumptious in real life)

OPI I Lily Love You (I found this at Kroger! Kroger is the best place for LE collections because it's never picked over and they keep the collections around for way longer than usual. I think my Kroger still has this out, plus Miss Universe AND some of the POTC collex! Not to mention random stuff from the Katy Perry one and even a few random Burlesque glitters)

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Black Magic (there are three versions of Black Magic, I think. One is a pure black creme, this one has some orangey/multicolored shimmer, and the other one has bar glitter. I like this one the best)

An no-name, no-brand polish I found at Walgreens. It was chillin' with the Fantasy Makers. It's a jelly-like shimmery magenta-red with some sparse holo glitter.

DOOOOODZ. *head explodes* This is some holo glitter, it's another Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers thing.


This is the best I could get the holo to show up, it's pretty linear in real life! I'm hoping it will make nice frankens!

Maybelline Go Go Green (I'm thinking this might be close to China Glaze Moonpool, a very hard to find, much sought after polish. Fingers crossed!)

Revlon Carbonite (Revlon's attempt to dupe Chanel Graphite [swatch lifted from Vampy Varnish]. From comparisons I've seen, Graphite is a lot more twinkly and wonderful, but for $20 bucks less I'm thinking Carbonite will satisfy me)

China Glaze Midtown Magic (I freaked out when I found Skyscraper but not this one, luckily I was able to get it in the end!)

Finger Paints Art of Theft

Phew! So that is September's Grand Haul. I'm thinking maybe October should be swatch month since I obviously have a lot of untrieds to get to! (25 of them, actually, I just went and counted). Since I am feeling worn out from all this nail art, you probably won't be seeing such intricate freehanding for a while but it all depends on my mood. 

So tomorrow I'm planning to do a base coat/top coat post, and then the day after that I'll do products other than that that I use, and then maybe a technical nail-care post? Or would that be too many non-polish things in a row? Maybe I'll alternate those posts with swatch posts, how about that? Yeah, that sounds good to me.

Anyway, that's what I've got for you today! Do you have any of these? What would you like to see first?


  1. I'm excited about every single one of these! Especially the Fantasy Makers.

  2. Nice haulage. :D

    The Fantasy Makers glitter is gorgeous but you will need a glitter base or it will all sink to the bottom of the bottle. I have a franken that I started mixing with that glitter and it is now sitting, waiting for a time when I can get some glitter base and mix it, again. :)

  3. Oh dear lord women that is a ton of nail polish!!!!! I'd like to see what you have to say in a nail care post. If you did a base coat post that would be super helpful because I'm in the market for a new base coat myself!

  4. I'm glad you love those polishes =)
    Enjoy them!

  5. That is quite some haul you have there! Looking forward to seeing some swatches.

  6. Man that's a buttload of haulage! I have cut myself off from buying any more polish. Spent WAY too much this past month. Fall colors do it to me every time! I want to see lady muck or big smoke first!

  7. Ooooh, so many gorgeous polishes!

  8. That Wet n Wild holo looks intense! I haven't seen that one around...looks like I need to be more alert in drugstores :P They all look so pretty, and you've got such a wide variety of colors. Looking forward to all of them!

  9. @Vintage: She's on my toes right now!

    @Ice Queen: I was afraid of that! I'm still not sure exactly how I want to use it so I'm hoarding it until further notice. :O

    @Beauty on a College Budget: I think that's what I'm going to do tomorrow! I use a ton of random stuff so hopefully it'll be somewhat helpful!

    @Berry T: They are fantastic! I can't wait to use them.

    @Fingers: I'm pretty sure I'm on a no-buy until I can get through all of this stuff!

    @Larie: I was really surprised to find it myself. I hope it turns out as awesome as it looks!


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