Untrieds Month: SHXW Going Green

7:45 PM Laura 11 Comments

For some reason, I have been really into greens lately. I find myself craving them. It's like I'm making up for lost time; I never used to like greens but about a month ago I started loving them! So when I saw this one I had to pick it up.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green
I am sorry to say that my pictures of this suck. This first one is in the kitchen under fluorescent light and is the most color accurate. I also used a pen in the photo because I was too lazy to go get the bottle.

Oh, and since everyone is doing Halloween manicures, I decided to stamp a little spider on my ring finger with Essie Midnight Cami (I lost my WnW black for a while but I found it after this!) and then I gave it little red eyes with Sally Hansen Blackberry Wine Frost.

And the rest of these are under the lamp.

This was two coats of Going Green. It's pretty much your standard grass green color, but it has some really pretty shimmer that of course I loooove. I thought it was going to be hidden but I was pleasantly surprised!

The formula was good, not stunning but easy to work with.

I also love the little spider! He's so cute. Not scary at all! Real spiders, though... that's a different story.


  1. This is really cute!

  2. AW I love the spider! :) The green is nice too!

  3. This green is pretty and your spider is definitely cute!

  4. Beautiful green ... I have a few drinks but I don't use them very often I need to! Cute lil spider

  5. Lol I don't know if my previous comment went thru but I put drinks instead of "greens" WTF ....... mmmm where ih the hell did that come from ... I must need a drink probly a full bottle hahhahha ..don't judge me :-P

  6. I know what you mean I use to only wear pinks but since blogging I can't get enough of other colors especially blues and greens, this is beautiful green an your spiders very cute I like his red eyes, btw I'm terrified of real spiders lol.

  7. his little red glowy eyes are a perfect touch!

  8. That little spider is so nice.

  9. He is so cute! :D And I like this color, but it was super goopy when I used it once, so I never wore it again. Must go back to see.

  10. Love that sneaky spider lurking on your ring finger!

  11. @Polish Amor: LOL! That comment is all kinds of hilarious.

    @beauxs mom: I hate spiders in real life too! I hate most kinds of bugs in real life, ew.

    @Larie: Thinner! Thinner is amazing, it works wonders.


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