Untrieds Month: Zoya Neeka

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I am officially dubbing October "Untrieds Month." Untrieds make me twitchy and overwhelmed and I have a hard time choosing which one to use next, so I'm going to try and get through all of these before I buy anymore stuff. I know the holiday collections will be my undoing, but I'll try to hold off till at least November.

First up, we have *drumroll please*

Zoya Neeka from this fall's Smoke n Mirrors collection

sun! click for shimmer!

more sun! more shimmer!


oh my goooooood




This is 2 coats. Neeka is a yum-a-licious smoky purple with a bunch of teeny weeny gold flecks. They're somewhere in between shimmer and flakie. I would describe the purple as "dusty eggplant." Did you just visualize a lonely, forgotten eggplant sitting in someone's basement? No? Oh, okay...

The base color dried a shade or two darker than it appeared in the bottle, which was slightly disappointing because it did not allow the gold shimmer/flakes (which I shall heretoforth dub "fleckies") to show through quite as well. The fleckies, however, were quite spectacular in the sunlight, but where there is a lack of bright light, there is also a lack of fleckies. 

The formula was pretty nice, although I find that for some reason Zoya's formula is on the thick side. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just an observation. Personally, I would prefer it be just a haaair thinner but it's really not a big deal. I also wish the brush was a little longer, but again that might just be my personal preference.

Anyway, Neeka is a lovely polish and I don't regret snapping her up the minute I saw her. I love fleckies.

And one more thing! Zoya, would it really be too hard to make a polish named Laura? You have Creamy, Yummy, Happi, Breezi, and even Kissy (coming out in this year's holiday collection) but no Laura? 

I would like it to be cerulean and have gold flakies, thanks so much.


  1. Ah haha I have always thought it was hilarious that Zoya has a "Creamy" polish. That's not really a woman's name, is it?

  2. bhaha I wish they'd name on after me, a Megan that's a sultry red hahaha!! I love this zoya color! This is definitely going on my list of zoya polishes to buy!!

  3. I really liked this collection more than I expected.

  4. Every time I see this polish I want it MORE and MORE! It is beautiful!

  5. hehe just in time for "untried month" I just mailed you a little thank you gift~ you can track it with this number on usps (9500 1000 1132 1275 0000 23) hope you like it~

  6. So after I told you I was on a no buy yesterday-I bought 4 Illamasqua! SO starting NOW i'm on a no buy with you!! I'm gonna do untrieds or at least just not buy any more-I am seriously going broke! I have this and love it!! And don't worry that there is no Laura polish-the Jennifer one is nothing special-but I am!! HAHAHA

  7. looks sooo pretty, I passed this one up, but I might go back and get it now :)

  8. Ooh, it's so gorgeous. I want it.

  9. Cute!! I agree with having a zoya named laura! hahaha they do have some very ..."interesting" names! No Gillian or Gyl!! argh! This is such a pretty polish on you!! <3

  10. @Larie: I really hope not. I can only imagine how horrible it must be for her every time she introduces herself.

    @imfeelingnailventerous: It's pretty nice! She definitely looks best in the sun.

    @Suiling: OMG! You are too adorable! I can't wait, thank you so much!

    @Fingers: I am SO JEALOUS. I don't have any Illas, but I would looove to try them. They're so gorgeous and the bottles are amazing. I would love to hold one... Jennifer the polish is kinda bleh, I agree, you're much better!

    @JeeZ TrendZ: Yeah, I don't know where they're getting these names from! It's weird because there are so many names they could choose from.

  11. Neeka is also in my untrieds. I have a lot of 'em. I am going to have fun time when I finally get home from my 4 week post op out of town 'restriction' time healing and back at my stash - I should be ready then to do all my wheel swatches of every bottle. Way better than putting a dab on a piece of paper to see what it looks like. And finally then, I will be able to find what I have! But wheel painting will be fund - just wish I could haul the entire stash for my 4 week post op rehab time and do it then but no way am I taking all that stuff with me!

  12. AMAZING shade, I think I won't be able to sleep at night because Zoya polishes are way to expensive in my country to afford it with my students budget.
    Thanks for showing this beauty to the rest of us


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