Untrieds Month: Butter London Rosie Lee

7:45 PM Laura 10 Comments

I'm kind of posting everything out of order here, so this requires a backstory.

On my short blogging hiatus, I was wearing two coats of Orly Angel Face.

I wanted to put Rosie Lee on top except I wanted the base color to be closer to the color of the glitter, so I layered a coat of Essie Your Hut or Mine on top of Angel Face.

And THEN I slapped on two coats of Rosie Lee.

fluorescent kitchen lights

oh look! an actual rose



artsy shot

close up!

I know, you're disappointed with no sun shots. I am too. It doesn't like me, I tell you! But hopefully you can understand Rosie Lee's beauty anyway. Doesn't she make my hands look so delicate and ladylike? Rosie Lee has a clear base and a lot of rose/pink/mauve small glitter. I can't tell what shape it is, I would have said circular but in the close up it looks rather square. Whatever the case may be, she is gorgeous and quite twinkly and lovely.

The formula was slightly unpleasant, as most glitters are, but not unreasonably so. She was not fun to remove, however. I had to break out the foil which makes my hands all pruny and gross, but never mind that. Rosie Lee was worth it! 


  1. rosie lee is gorgeous i love how dainty it looks,and she is going straight to my wishlist! Btw what I do to help my hands from getting all dried out when removing glitter is before I put cuticle oil then take it off it helps so much.

  2. First that rose is gorgeous, and second I LOVE THIS COMBINATION! I wish I had all of those polishes :)

  3. What can I say about this and still be nice? Here goes-this looks so pretty on you!

  4. I like the artsy shot :) ... Rosie Lee does look very pretty!

  5. Pretty! Seems like I should have Rosie Lee in my stash, but I do not.

  6. @beauxs mom: That's a good idea! I just hate the pruny feeling, it's so ewwww.

    @Fingers: LOL, I knew you would hate it! I'm glad you made the effort to say something nice, though. :)

    @Polish Amor: Yay, you like my artsy shot! I'mma keep doing those.

    @KarenD: She is most definitely a worthy addition!

  7. I keep running into a lot of misses in Butter London. I had wanted the much talked about Waity Katie - when I got it - it was the most sticky mess of glitter I ever had. I also have had some really less than great creams which there is no excuse for at that price point. I think over all I have decide I am not going to have a very big part of my stash devoted to Butter London.

  8. Wow that glitter is amazing! Love it!


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