Untrieds Month: Zoya Yara

7:45 PM Laura 15 Comments

Continuing with my untrieds series, I've got the other polish I picked up from Zoya's Smoke n Mirrors collection.

Zoya Yara

sun (ZOMG if you don't click on this I'll never forgive you)


just some artsy fartsiness







2 coats. W-O-W. Yara is SO HAWT. It's weird how she looks kind of a like a disgusting olive swampwater puree, yet she's totally gorgeous. Look at those fleckies. THE GOLDEN FLECKIES.  Are they not just TO DIE FOR? I think so.

The base color is a murky olive green, in the shade it's kind of dark but in the sun the golden flecks really light the whole thing up.

The formula was pretty much exactly like Neeka's, a teeensy bit thick but not difficult to manage.

I love this. It's weird, because I'm not the type of girl who likes ugly-pretty colors. I hate mustard yellow and poop green, but Yara is phenomenal. She's like the ugly duckling. 

Usually for me, ugly-pretty polishes are like

And I'm like "Ewww no get away from me!"

But... I LUV U, YARA!


  1. I love it! On my wish list!

  2. I really love this one ..... need to wear it again!

  3. I agree yara is gorgeous I'm
    Adding it to the list...

  4. So very glad you pulled this one out of your untrieds - now you are going to want to keep going back to this one and have a harder time getting through those untrieds!!! I knew right off when I saw the Smoke & Mirrors that Tao, Marian and this one needed to come to me. I got the entire Mirrors set and all but 2 in the Smoke. Did not get the deep dark brown one or the kind of deep red/plum - something made me think the latter one would make me look ruddy - just like if I have the wrong plum shade around my eyes - too much red in plum gives me a crying eye look - on nails makes them look nasty like I have cut up my hands a lot or just blotchy.

  5. This is such a pretty color! I passed it by when this collection came out but the more I see it, the more I want it!

  6. LOL prettyyy color i like it! (even tho its a little weird)

  7. This is so gorgeous!<3 Unusual, but gorgeous.

    BTW Laura, YU KNO U LOVE ME! :-p

  8. Lol, this made me laugh out loud for real :P I feel like this is too similar to Gemma to justify me buying it, even though this has the pretty flakies and Gemma has an almost purple shimmer...sigh. It is so very lovely, even if it is swamp colored.

  9. @beachgal: For some reason I have this aversion to buying any cremes over $5, lol. The only Smoke polish that really tempted me was Cynthia, who is gorgeous. I think Zoya makes some really great collections!

    @ptitemeve: Aw, thanks! I try, I try.

    @Fingers: I think you'd really like it. The gold flecks are really awesome and it's got that olive base which I know is a color you like!

    @Vintage: Gurl you know I do! <3

  10. Looks great! I didn't click, because I have her already :)

  11. I'm definitely not a green lover but this one looks ok or rather beautiful


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