Untrieds Month: The mystery polish

7:45 PM Laura 8 Comments

Sorry for the non-post yesterday, I was unexpectedly busy so I didn't get around to it, but I'm back! Today I have a no-brand, unnamed polish that I found at Walgreens with the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers stuff.

I am going to call it Bloody Rose because there's a rose on it and it's red, not to mention it should be something scary for Halloween.

Only shade shots, unfortunately it is hard to get sun in my yard.


And a lamp shot.

This is three coats. It's a jelly magenta/red/fuchsia with shimmer and some intermittent holo glitter. Quite an interesting polish, and I really like the color! It was a wee bit stanky so I'm not sure about its chemical composition, but who cares.

Aaand the formula was a little gummy but nothing too difficult. It was a little slow-drying as well, for some reason I find stankier polishes usually are. 

Anyway, I am tired and hungry so TGIF, homies!


  1. It's pretty! I like how the glitter really stands out.

  2. This is so pretty! I have a teal glitter polish in a triangular bottle like this with no labels or anything though

  3. How dare you skip a day! Don't let it happen again! Hahahaha! And yes I know the difference between the Laura's who comment on my blog silly! That's the beauty of the comment system I use! Not sure what to say about this polish except I like the name you picked?

  4. @Fingers: Weehee, I feel more special. Yeah, there's not really much to be said about it lol. Nothing too special but I like it.


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