Untrieds Month: Holika Holika Star Khaki

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And today I've got a real beauty for you, although unfortunately the sun is being quite cheeky and refusing to provide adequate lighting for me. >:|

Holika Holika Star Khaki

Once again, I have the lovely happyberrynaiad to thank for this! Unfortunately these pictures do it no sort of justice seeing as it's after a day of wear and the bottle was hard to hold, but you can still see some of its gloriousness. These are all shade shots.

This is three thin coats. The formula was lovely and easy to work with, the color is totally unique. I guess you would call it khaki, although the shimmer makes it hard to tell. It's kind of a murky greenish brown, and the shimmer shifts from blue to green. 

The only thing that makes this bad is that I'm not sure it's the best with my skintone. I really wish it was because it's such an interesting color! I love the shimmer and although, like I said with Zoya Yara, I'm not really one for these kind of ugly-pretty colors but I think they're starting to grow on me. :O

I mean who cares, really, I'm gonna wear it anyway even if it looks like crap with my coloring! So what if I am freakishly pale? So what if sometimes it's painful to look at the underside of my arms in the sunlight because they are so white they reflect light? I'm pale and proud of it!

Aaanyway, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere this is available, get it! It's great.

In other news, giveaway winner Sui Ling is a total sweetie pie and sent me a surprise thank-you gift!

Island Girl Cuticle Oil, Island Girl Color Changing Polish, Island Girl Surfer Babe

OMG, the cuticle oil is gorgeous! It's scented and it's got flowers in it. It's so pretty! I love it, I used it yesterday and it absorbs quicker than other stuff I have tried and smells nice and floral!

The color changing polish has no name that I can see, and apparently changes from the light pink color to a darker salmon pink color. Or maybe it goes from the salmon pink to the lighter pink? I can't tell if the bottle color is the before or after, lol. But it's pretty either way! It's got shimmaaaah!

Surfer Babe is a gorgeous green-blue creme. This picture is totally off color wise, it's definitely predominately green. I love it, I have no color like it and it's beautiful!

I'm so excited to have Island Girl stuff, since they're only available in Hawaii and Las Vegas! Thank you so much, Sui Ling!


  1. OMG! That polish is STUNNING!

  2. Not really loving this color... but the bluish/ greenish Island Girl color looks pretty! :)

  3. I'm loving the bottle and the polish is beautiful! that's so nice of her to send you a thankyou gift.

  4. I'm just so glad you've been enjoying these so far!

  5. It looks super pretty! I saw this lovely with my own eyes on holiday and yeah, it's incredible! I think it looks great with your skintone!

  6. I just saw that cuticle oil on trace face and really want it! You are so lucky. It looks really awesome. Not sure I like this polish but the bottle is super cute!

  7. @Meg: Yes, I can't wait to use it!

    @beauxs mom: It was so sweet! I was completely surprised.

    @Berry T: They're all wonderful! I'm so happy!

    @Nailderella: Aw, thanks! It's a great color so I'm going to wear it regardless.

    @Fingers: It's really cool! So pretty, and it smells great.

  8. Not loving it :| I do however love the bottle! :)

    Random question - when you get to the almost-bottom of a polish how do you use it all? I have to keep shaking mine -_-

  9. love the bottle of Holika Holika

  10. How nice to be re-gifted back at ya! The olive one is a tish too yellow for me to pull off - none the less I can appreciate it. Never heard of that brand.

  11. @Vintage: Well, I don't use many polishes that far since I have so many! But I think what most people do is take some silly putty and plant the bottle in it tilted sideways so you can get to it better.

  12. Aw, how sweet of her to send you a thank you gift ;) I like this gold color, it's awesome! Also, I FIGURED OUT YOUR MISSING Z PROBLEM. I was borrowing a computer that only had internet explorer, and when I looked at my blog on that browser...the Z's mysteriously disappeared. What the heck???


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