And the Voting Begins!

7:45 PM Laura 0 Comments

All right guys! I got a total of 121 names entered in this contest which is completely insane and a lot more than I expected. I asked if you guys would be okay with me paring the number of names down since 121 is a lot to vote on, and everyone who responded said yes, that would be fine. So I narrowed it down to 60 names just because I couldn't go any further than that since I already felt bad about chopping off so many people from the competition.

Now I know 60 names is still a lot to vote on so I'm going to divide them up into groups of ten, and you guys can just vote for your favorite out of each group. Then I'll put the 6 winners up in a final poll and whichever name wins that one will be the grand prize winner. We all good? Okay good.

Here is the franken once again so that you know what you're naming.

Everybody ready? All right, GO!


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