Revlon Naughty

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Today I have another polish that A Polished Touch  sent to me because she's awesome. This is Revlon Naughty.

2 coats. Naughty is a lovely dusty, mushroomy, purple-tinged taupe with some great purple shimmer. It is supposedly a re-release of Revlon Perplex, which is the infamous dupe of Chanel Paradoxal.

Naughty has a wonderful formula, it's nice and smooth and gorgeous and the color is really wonderful. I love it, I have absolutely nothing like it! The way the shimmer peeks out behind the smoky base... ahh! Beautiful!

Many thanks to A Polished Touch, she's a wonderful lady!

Oh and also, because I feel like these posts are a lot more interesting when I ramble for a bit rather than just talking about polish, you should all listen to Ed Sheeran because he's super duper fantastic. I'm really coming to think that British musicians are just so much better than American ones that we have no hope of catching up.

And he just looks so squishy and adorable and fluffy. I mean come on. THERE IS NOTHING NOT TO LIKE.

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