Sephora + OPI ILLY

7:54 PM Laura 0 Comments

Whaddup whaddup my homies.

Let's dive right in, shall we?

o hai kitteh

This is 2 coats of a nice Sephora polish that I got cheap in a 3-pack, I'm not sure what it's called. It's a purple foil that's nearly opaque in one coat, but I did two for good measure. The formula was absolutely lovely, although the brush is rather large and wide and paddle-like which was unpleasant but not impossible.

And then I slapped on two coats of OPI I Lily Love You which I haven't used in a while, so I felt like it could use some love.

Mmm I just love all the flakies and glitter mixed in all together. So pretty!

I don't really have much else to say other than I am obsessed with this song.

Feel So Close - Calvin Harris

And I've probably listened to it at least 20 times today. That is all. I wish you a good evening!


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