I'll Be Back

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So hi guys. I've been pretty bad at posting lately, as I think we can all agree. For some reason I've just not been feeling very motivated lately and it's hard to try posting almost every day. I feel like I've been kind of losing steam because I feel obligated to post as much as possible and I never feel like doing any interesting nail art or stamping or anything. I know I'm probably boring you guys and I feel like I'm not really that funny anymore, for some reason things don't just occur to me. This blog has kind of turned into work. Not because I don't enjoy painting my nails, and not because I don't like you guys, because I do. I'm just kind of busy with school lately and this blog is definitely just adding to my stress load because I feel guilty whenever I don't post here, so I just make some stupid little post that's really not that interesting with some polish that I wore a million years ago and it's kind of lame and I'm definitely not as awesome as a bunch of other great bloggers who have really entertaining, informative posts and post regularly unlike myself.

Also, I have gotten waaaaaaay behind on all of you guys' blogposts. I just checked and I have exactly 500 posts in my Google reader. I don't know if I'll manage to catch up on all of them so forgive me if I haven't commented in a while. The more behind I get, the less I want to catch up because I feel so guilty for not commenting on all you guys' stuff because I am a horrible blogger and you all deserve better.

So... I think what I'm trying to say is, I'm not really sure where I stand right now with continuing this blog. I don't want to just quit because it is something that I used to enjoy, it's just lately that it's been causing me stress. I'm thinking I'll take a break until the end of May/the beginning of June so that I can just relax and focus on school. I'll try to catch up on your posts and I'll keep commenting on all your blogs, I just won't be posting here. Maybe every once in a while, if I'm not too busy and I feel like it then I'll post but it'll probably be infrequent and random. And you can always give me a holla if you want to chat, you know.

Anyway... in conclusion, I love you all and I do plan to come back! I won't just leave you hangin', I promise.

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  1. I feel the same way, it's not fun when it seems like work or a job, i think it's good to take a break, still love ya mucho! Hope u get some R&R!


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