Moar stuffs but also nails (yay)

8:38 PM Laura 3 Comments

All right so I've got some more talking I want to do but I do have a picture of a manicure I did many moons ago to tide you over. This is Color Club Blue-topia with Finger Paints Flecked on top.

Aaand now to what we have to discuss.

1. I have gotten a carpload of entries for the contest. Like... probably around 100 or so. Which is kind of a heck of a lot of names to vote on. So I was wondering, would you guys mind if I narrowed it down to like a top 50 or something? Maybe even less? I just don't know what would be best... or I could let you guys vote on names in groups and then have a final vote with the winners from all of the sections. If you have any suggestions on how to make this easier, please do share! I would really appreciate it.

2. So I kind of completely forgot my blogaversary... It was the 28th! I don't really have time to reflect on things right now but YOU ALL DESERVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE

And I also just want to say...

Yeah, I like gifs. So what.


  1. Hurray congrats on your blogaversary! I think either narrowing it down or having a march madness/ group voting style would be the best cause I sure would lose concentration by the time I reached name 100+!!!

  2. I think you should def narrow it down to 50, sorry I didn't enter the contest I'm so not creative and couldn't think of anything worth entering, but I'm excited to help you vote for the winner! Yay

  3. Love the mani. Flecked is a really nice flaky. Congrats on your blogaversary ;0). I think it's fine if you narrow the choices down.


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