China Glaze Riveting

7:45 PM Laura 2 Comments

Oookay so Blogger has a completely new layout from my side of things and it is a whole different animal, so if things look a little strange I must ask your forgiveness! I'll hopefully get the hang of it soon. It looks cool... just... weird.

Me too, Niall, me too. But we'll get through it.

But anyway, today I have yet another Hunger Games beauty to share with you! This is China Glaze Riveting and it's for district.... 3. I think? I should google this stuff.

This is two coats. Riveting is a bright, vivid orange jelly with lots of gold shimmer. It's extremely eye-catching and vivacious, I really like it! I used to really hate orange polish because it makes me look like a zombie, and you should all know by now that I have a legitimate, crippling fear of zombies and therefore I avoided orange polish like last season's Ugg boots.

But, I have been slowly coming around and easing myself into orange polish with beauties like this one. Riveting is absolutely wonderful and doesn't make me look like a zombie at all.

The formula was absolutely dreamy. I give Riveting a resounding A+!

Louis and Harry think so too. What do YOU think?


  1. i'm with Larry, this looks grrrreat on you!

  2. Omg I'm so behind my untrieds.... I have this polish and haven't tried it yet. :/ it looks great on you, no zombie hand so its a go hhahah


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