Milani Totally Cool

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Oops... looks like I was going to post this on Leap Day but I mysteriously changed my mind. Huh. I wonder why. Anyway, I must just say beforehand that lovely follower beachgal has informed me of some troubles commenting on/viewing my blog. If you've had any issues, please let me know. I really have no idea what I can do to fix it but I'd like to know so that maybe I could contact Blogger.

Also, I know my camera balance sucks. Sometimes it makes me look yellow, sometimes it makes me look red. I adjust the white balance pretty much every time I take pics to get the polish to look as accurate as possible, because if I don't the default setting is pretty much as yellow as Spongebob Squarepants. So then sometimes even once I get the polish to look right, my skintone still looks weird. I'd really like to get this worked out, I should use some kind of photo editing software. I'd like to start watermarking/labeling stuff too. Anyone have any recommendations?

One of the prettiest polishes I own is Milani Totally Cool. However, it's a bit sheer, so in order to conserve the magic I layered it over 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Deep Purple.

And then I layered over that one magical coat of Totally Cool.

Isn't it beautiful? Totally Cool is a deep purple jelly polish full of pinkish gold flecks that twinkle like a million little suns. It's absolutely gorgeous and I just love it so much.

Oh hey, I went to this really awesome restaurant on Leap Day. It's called Pondicheri and wow it was just DELICIOUS. It's sort of modernized Indian food and it's all freaking amazing. Probably the best thing I've eaten in like a year. Mango ice cream! Ughhh just thinking about it is heavenly. If you're ever in Houston please GO THERE because you will die. (of happiness, I mean)

ANYWHO, I have rambled on a heck of a lot in this post, and I'd love to give you guys the chance to talk for a change, heh.


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