Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

7:45 PM Laura 0 Comments

Look! A wild NAIL ART appeared!

It's not very good but gosh darn it is nail art and THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT SON.

I started with Zoya Kristen and shyeah. I really like how the diamonds turned out but I'm not sure how I feel about "Lucy" on top of it. Not exactly how I envisioned it, but oh well.

Also.... I did some One Direction nail art. *cringe, waits for tomatoes to be thrown* I knooow I'm sorry but it had to be done. I was just wondering... do you guys even want to see it? I know they are probably not most of you guys' cup of tea so I don't want to offend anyone with an aversion to British boy bands. But it's nail art! So I figured you might appreciate it. 


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