In Which I Beg For Your Votes

7:45 PM Laura 1 Comments

If you haven't already, go enter my franken-naming contest!

And now I must talk about a frankening contest that I myself entered recently. Shatter Me Claire had a Frankenmarch contest and, well, you know I can't resist an excuse to make a good franken, so I jumped right in. I saw this beauty in my head and she turned out so much more gloriously than I imagined.

I named my franken Getting Better, after the Beatles song because I heart them. And because this is also my favorite franken that I've made so far, so I'm getting better at frankening. Get it!?

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if you would pop on over to Claire's contest and give it a look-see. If you like what you see you could always vote for meee! But there are really a lot of wonderful entries so I don't blame you if you feel some inner turmoil.

Anyway, I'm about to hack up a lung so I think I'll be heading in to the good doctor's office tomorrow. What a fine way to cap off my spring break. Until next time, my beauties.

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