Zoya Marina

7:45 PM Laura 1 Comments

Okay, anyway. Today's beauty is Zoya Marina.

This is 2 coats. Marina is a really pretty dusty grey-blue metallic shimmer. The formula was great and she was super gorgeous and lovely and mmmmm.

All right... bit of a rant here... I don't know if you guys watch The Voice but I am right now and is it just me or were the Shields brothers robbed?? Ugh Cee Lo I am so mad at you right now. That girl Erin has absolutely no talent, she just does her weird voice thing and it's terrible. What a waste. I applaud you, Shields brothers, for you did indeed punch me in the face with rock n' roll. *slow clap*

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  1. Marina sure is beautiful, I wish I watched the voice now.


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