OPI Save Me, take two

7:45 PM Laura 0 Comments

So today I will show you save me in a much better light, i.e., SUNLIGHT. PRAISE THE GOOD LORD JESUS THERE ARE FINALLY SUN SHOTS AGAIN.

These look kinda weird though, I think all the bedazzling sparkly blingage kind of scared my poor wittle camera so they all have this strange icy cold cast to them and it looks like it's 20 degrees outside (Fahrenheit), but at least I don't look jaundiced or sunburned so that's a plus.

Ain't she purdy!? I started with one coat of Wet n' Wild Black Creme and then just kind of smashed on Save Me as best I could to make this gradient. Urgh it's just so pretty! It wasn't perfectly flat, of course, so I probably would have picked this all off in another few hours or so but isn't it just BOOTEEFUL.

Moral of the story: Save Me is beautiful and you should all buy me 1,000 backup bottles.


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