The Thursday Post

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All right, here is a belated Thursday Post for all you beautiful people!

Obsessions - Marina and the Diamonds. I love her, she's got such a unique voice, it's almost operatic, and the beat of her songs is so easy to get into. This is one of my favorite songs by her. I'm bad at describing music, just listen to it!

I'd love to see a beauty blogger review their own homemade beauty products. It would be interesting to see how they stack up against synthetic products.

I think this is such a cool idea. It's really interesting to see the progression of time like that. Here's part two.

I NEED this. That's so awesome! It's like holo flakies!

How freaking delicious do these look? White chocolate + Oreos + Cheez-Its? Yes please.

First world problems. #SoTrue

And what would a Thursday Post be without some stunning landscapes? Here are my favorites:

Happy Sunday!


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