Shades of the Season - Part I

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Okay so I still haven't had time to think up clever names for these so you'll just have to make do with swatches. I bought these about a million years ago, they came in a tube from CVS. Here's the first five:

2 coats. This one is a taupe foil, I guess. It's not gold and it's not bronze, so I guess it's taupe. Meh. Not my color, but I liked enough of the other ones to buy the tube.

2 coats. This one is weird. It's a fuchsia shimmer polish but it also has blue glitter that shows up at certain angles and in certain lights. Not sure how I feel about it.

2 coats. I like this one. It's an almost foil-y blue shimmer.

1 (maybe 2) coats (over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Blue Away). I think this one might be an OPI Last Friday Night dupe.

Pretty sure this is 2 coats (over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green). A nice green glitter, I like it.
Sorry I really have nothing to say, this week is really wearing me out! I'll try to post tomorrow but I might be passed out on the couch, so in that case I'll post Saturday. I hope you liked the swatches, which is your favorite?


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