Ozotic 505

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So today I have another amazing polish for you, one that's full of magical fairy dust and happiness. 

Ozotic 505

Sorry for the gigantic picspam, but come on. Can you blame me? The many faces of Ozotic 505 are all equally beautiful, although I am slightly partial to her turquoise side. Her fuchsia and purple personalities are also visible at most times, and at certain angles in certain lights, a sort of amber color comes out.

I really have no words for how glorious this is. I'm preeeetty sure this is two coats over WnW Black Creme, but it could be just one. She's absolutely glorious. The queen of nail polish. Seriously, she will rule over polish land and the world will be lovely and happy and full of multichrome goodness.

Do you have Ozotic 505? If not, you really should get it.


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