A belated Happy New Year's

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I meant to post this yesterday but I totally spaced out.

So I am posting my New Year's mani a day late. *sigh* Classic Laura. Well not really, but whatever.

I started with Deborah Lippmann Naked.

2 coats. Or was it 3? Jeez, I only did this two nights ago, I should remember. Actually it's probably 3, since my nails are biznasty mofos and need to be extremely covered up. Naked is a beige jelly/creme, it applies nicely although it levels slowly, but it was good for the most part. A nice nude, it almost matches my skintone. You have probably heard me rant about how much I love nudes (they are Classy with a C, not Klassy with a K) so I'll spare you.

Anyway, next I applied one coat of Hits Lambada.

Lambada is fantastic. It's got orange and green flakies, and they do kind of shift color to teal, yellow, and reddish. And then of course since it's on a lighter color you can see the opalescent blue-lavender thing going on. It's nice and it had a fantastic formula, although it stinks to high heaven so you should probably wear a gas mask.

Anyway, to make it New Year's-y, I drew one number each on my fingers using a black Kiss nail art pen, and then I applied various glitters over the numbers.

All the glitters are from the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection, from pointer to pinky we have: Beyond the Mistletoe, Holiday Splendor, Gingerbread, and Candy Cane.

So HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVERYONE! Make any resolutions? Already broken some?

Oh and also, I rounded up a top 20! I'll hopefully start posting them tomorrow, do you want them in parts or all at once? I could do 2 parts, 4 parts, or one huge post. Doesn't matter to me so if you have a preference, speak now or forever hold your peace!


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