Jelly Sammich #3

7:45 PM Laura 0 Comments

Here's another post that I should have published approximately forever ago. It's another jelly sammich I made, using OPI Meep-Meep-Meep + OPI Rainbow Connection + Revlon Desire.

Actually I'm not really feeling this one, it probably would have looked better in the sun. Curse my laziness and the ever elusive sun! *shakes fist* But I know people are all over this kind of jelly sammich, the kind with multicolored glitter in the middle, so maybe you guys will like it. I prefer more off-beat combos, I might do a few more after I finally clear out some of my posts, urgh!

Anywho I have to go watch the Cowboys vs. the Giants right now so I can hope for a crushing defeat of Dallas, I need some good news today after the Texans lost by one point. One point! They fumbled the gosh durn snap, can you believe it!? For shame, you snapping failure of a center, for shame.

Hey look at this awesome pen I got!

Like a BOSS.

Yeah, that's probably the most you're ever going to see of me. I'm so glad that whenever you think of me you will now associate me with a mustache pen. But, you know what they say...

Or at least I say that.


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