First Review! Squeeee!

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Too much?

Okay, on to the polish! My first swatch is of Nicole by OPI Shell Me The Truth (punny)

This is natural light

This is fluorescent light

Well! This is quite pretty. It kind of makes me feel like Barbie threw up all over my nails. The pictures are pretty accurate, except the gold shimmer is a little heavier in real life. This a nice, quiet, subdued color that looks nude most of the time, but at certain angles you can really see the shimmer and it's like, WHOA. I got several compliments on it. 

It's nice, but I'm not sure if it makes my faves of all time. It's sheer-ish, I used three coats but two would probably be okay. It had one of those flattish brushes that makes application easier, so that's good! The texture it has when dry is kinda weird, though. I think that the fact that it's jam-packed with all this teensy weensy gold microglitter makes it not completely smooth.

Overall, it's a nice subtle way to catch someone's eye, and I haven't seen anything quite exactly like it before. Great if you like tea parties and wearing hoop skirts, but I'm looking for something with a little more oomph ;).

So, what do you guys think? Like the polish? Like the blog? Maybe you'd like to express your love for burritos? Anything you have to say, I want to hear it! 

Thanks for reading!

- Laura


  1. Natural light ftw.
    This is one of the Target things right? :D

  2. I like burritos! (:

  3. Would you like a burrito manicure?

  4. Yes!! I would LOVE a burrito manicure!!! If you can make a burrito manicure, you will be a QUEEN in my eyes!!!

  5. Oy vey, I'll think about it. Not sure how attractive it would be...


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