Breakfast Club Frankens: The Criminal

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Hey followers, all 80 of you! Thanks so much for liking what I do! I love you guys. *hugs* And also, this means we are 21 followers away from my first contest/giveaway, so you're free to pimp me out. On to today's post!

And now we have the grand finale. All good things must come to an end! Making these frankens was so much fun, I loved having a character to encompass in polish. I'm going to make another set of frankens based on Firefly, and then my ongoing project is going to be making frankens based on Beatles songs, but I could be working on that for my whole life, lol.

Anyway, if you have seen the Breakfast Club you have probably calculated that last but not least we have The Criminal.

Ugh look at all that shimmerrrrrr.

Okay, I just have to say that I love Bender.

I love him so much.

I mean look at him. That smirk is adorable.

I really hate Molly Ringwald in that scene.

 But more waxing poetic about the indelible Breakfast Club later. For now, onto the polish. *CLICK ON THE PICTURES OR YOU'LL MISS SOME AWESOME SHIMMAHHH!*








the full effect

I started with a black base, then added gold shimmer and red microglitter. Bender had to be dark, but not black. He's so much more complex than that. I love the red shimmer, it's so great, and the gold shimmer make the polish appear more dark brown than black. This is two coats but one would have been okay, I just had to cover a chip and I'm OCD about having the same amount of coats on each finger.

The formula was nice on this one. But man. I love it so much. Probably mostly because it's Bender-inspired, but still. It's good stuff.

Here's the recipe for The Criminal and The Basket Case. I didn't want to start a whole new index card for just one polish, and I like having the whole collection on the same card.

Anyway, I hope you can tell that I really, *really* love the Breakfast Club. It's like the epitome of teen angst. It's kind of an eye opening moment for teens to watch, like "SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME!" It's just such a classic and I can't think of any situation where it's not applicable. The pure simplicity of it, having five people in a room, who would never otherwise cross paths, and yet meeting each other changes so much about their perspective on the world! IT'S JUST SO GOOD.

So now, as we close out our journey, I leave you with this:

The iconic image of Bender, throwing his fist in the air triumphantly as Simple Minds sings Don't You (Forget About Me).

Don't, don't, don't, don't!


  1. This is my favorite of the group. I've loved seeing all of your frankens, esp. for such an awesome movie!

  2. This whole series of frankens is full of win. And I love the theme you chose. :D

  3. Oh for heavens sake the guy looks like a total showerbag AAAAH DON'T JUDGE ME
    Either way, the franken looks so pretty AGH why are you so good at this

  4. OMG you have outdone yourself once again! Bender is my fave as well. Cook up a batch of all these colors and send them to me! I am so not kidding! Give me a price! Congrats on your followers- more than me! Hahahaha

    Go fix me a turkey pot pie

  5. Oh man I loved this film growing up, and thank god you posted the song right at the end after me glimpsing that iconic ending pose, because the first thing I thought was 'OH MY GOD I NEED TO LISTEN TO THAT NOW.' :D Also, absolutely loving these frankens, especially this one, as it's coming to autumn too - might have to have a go at it myself and switch the black base to a bourbon brown. -Scrolls back up to drool over pictures again... of Bender too..-

  6. It looks amazing!

    And you should totally do the Beatles collection. I love them.

    Also, would you mind if I'd barrow your idea and if I'd ever made franeks I'd name them after Queen's songs? Of course I'd credit you the idea. If you say no, it's totally okay. :)

  7. @Emily: Thank you so much!

    @Ice Queen: Thank you thank you thank you!

    @Sonia: That's the whole point, young grasshopper. You're making assumptions based on his appearance. This is why you need to see the movie.

    @Fingers: Thank you dear! I would love to mass-produce polish and be a Lynnderella or HARE polish but I don't think I'm quite ready for that scale, lol! I would love to make a franken for you, though. (P.S. I got your other comments, thanks for letting me know!)

    @Naomi: Haha yes the song was in my head like THE ENTIRE TIME I was writing the post. Heehee... Bender...

    @Sandra: Of course, go right ahead! I'd love to see that. :D

  8. I love it! I think this surpasses The Basket Case as my favorite :D I love that movie. Love!!!

  9. I would love it if you made my own franken! I would just die! Seriously though, I could send you some moola to make up a batch of these breakfast clubs ones for me. HINT-I like dark, greens, browns, shimmah as you say! Am totally crushing on your talents!

  10. @Larie: Thank you, lovely!

    @Fingers: Haha I will get right on it. Seriously. Right on it.


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