Hey there

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Hi everyone! Sorry for disappearing again, I might have gotten reeeallly obsessed with watching every season of Supernatural in about three weeks? Good news is, I'm all caught up and I've discovered that I can mobile blog! Which is nice because it saves me the trouble of needing my camera and having to plug it in and upload pics because now I can do it all from my phone. So consider this a test run. I have no idea how this is going to end up looking so bear with me. There's only one photo with this post. Can you guys tell me if it all looks all right? I really hope this works! It's Essie Midnight Cami with Essie Shine of the Times on top.


Yay comments! Whenever you leave a comment, a triple rainbow happens.

**I don't like having to say this, but I must: Do not link drop! I don't care if you tell me you want to send me a million dollars, if you leave a link in your comment, I'm deleting it. I work hard for any and all traffic I get, and stealing it is a major no-no! Follow blogging etiquette, please.**