Hello everyone!

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Well! It's been a while, hasn't it? I've missed all of your lovely shining faces. It's taken me a while to get myself together, but I've got a spare minute and I thought that I'd try to ease myself back into this whole blogging thing.

Thanks to Leslie for helping me with the photo problem, I owe you one! Hopefully you all don't hate me now and still want to see some nail stuff. I thought I'd show you some of the manis that I've done since I've been away.

Okay I'll be honest, I have no idea what the base color for this one was. I think it might have been Zoya Kristen? Don't quote me on that. On top is Essie As Gold As It Gets

OPI I Don't Give a Rotter-dam!

Ooohhhh I don't remember the base for this one either... on top is Icing Rockstar From Mars

Layla Turquoise Wave

Zoya Adina

Zoya Charla

Milani Bolting Blue + Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Ring A Ding

Sinful Unicorn + Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Multi-faceted

Aaand Barielle Hideaway + some off-brand dollar store polish that smells like glue.

Goodness me! This isn't all of it, I've still got some more stuff to show you all, but I think it's enough for one post. How's everyone been? Tell me everything I've missed! I've got so much to catch up on, what's new in the nail world? Fill me in!



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