Lynnderella Snow Angel

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All right everyone! How are we today? Well, I hope?

For my first nail post since returning from my hiatus, I've decided to show you guys a stunner. 

The lovely Polish Amor gifted me a decant of Lynnderella's Snow Angel, and I decided now was the perfect time to show it off to you guys! 

I started with OPI I Vant to Be A-Lone Star as the base.

Then I applied two dreamy coats of Snow Angel on top and proceeded to take far too many pictures.

Wow, my nails are longer than I remembered! I've cut them down much shorter now. Anyway, as you can see, Snow Angel is completely gorgeous and I just love-love-LOOOVE it! It's so delicate and it makes visions of sugarplum fairies dance in my head. Many thanks to Iris for graciously sharing this beauty with me!

Okay guys, what have I missed in nail world? As you can probably tell I haven't really been keeping up with things, I need to get back into commenting on all of your wonderful blogs and being in the know! Fill me in, peeps!


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