I'm a terrible blogger

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On today's installment of "How to Suck at Blogging 101," we'll cover topics such as: disappearing for extended periods of time with no explanation, crappy phoneblogging, lazy manis, poor time management skills, and how to avoid and alienate all the wonderful people you follow.

In short, I am a really bad blogger. I fully recognize how much I suck at being committed to a regular schedule. I really should be able to make this a once-a-week blog, and I don't really have a satisfactory excuse for not being able to do that. I don't want to just abandon this blog, but for some reason it's just really hard for me to keep up with. And it's hard for me to keep up with all of you guys' blogs too, which I hate because I really want to be able to check them all!

I was out of town for spring break (skiing in Colorado!) which was a lot of fun except I had no reception. I'm following 100+ blogs which is a loooot to keep up with if I can't check in every single day, which is getting to be an impossibility. Also, I've heard that Google Reader is disappearing July 1st? Can anyone tell me why and what alternatives are out there?

Anyway, I've got some things from Born Pretty Store to review for you so I'll show you one of them today.

I've always wanted to try those cool dried flowers so I really wanted to review these flowers because they had a nice variety.

I started with OPI My Pointe Exactly which is quite sheer, so I used four coats. Then I topped it with Finger Paints Flecked, a blue-green flakie. Then I put one of the turquoise flowers on my ring finger.

I really like it, I think it looks really nice! Unfortunately I went out grocery shopping later in the day and I think all the layers hadn't dried fully, and I banged my ring finger and the flower tore and it all wrinkled up. :( Which was unfortunate but no fault of the product. So I would give this a positive review! I think it looks really nice. 

Here's a coupon if you guys want to use it! They've got lots of great nail art supplies.

I've got another product from Born Pretty that I need to review, so I'll make a Herculean effort to get that up next weekend. I'm really going to try to get on a weekly schedule and I hope I can muster up the commitment to do that! I hate being a fair-weather blogger so I promise I'll try harder if you'll still have me. :)


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